Well Folks…Blessings!!!

Heartfelt thanks to everybody for the amazing outpouring of support following my interview with Robert Elms on BBC London Radio! The show’s producer called me immediately afterwards to thank me profusely for my delivery and also informed me that the BBC phone line became very hot as soon as my interview had reached its conclusion. I felt so honored to have been invited to talk about Reggae and its global impact, significance, relevance and influence upon the whole world!
Due to scheduling and time pressures, the discussion only lasted approximately 7 minutes…but bwoy…it was a BIG seven minutes! The opportunity to contribute to ‘Reggae Month Jamaica’ in conjunction with Reggae Global and Culture Online 2021 has given me the added impetus to continue to do my little bit to promote and big-up the country of my birth, Jamaica and that most beautiful art form known as…REGGAE!!!
See below link of the interview together with interviews with Chris Peckings and Pauline Catlin-Reid.